Computer Mate

Recruitment Procedure

COMPUMATE aims to create a new work environment and delivers a reliable partner experience to our customers by providing optimal solutions based on capabilities accumulated through various projects and differentiated work methods.

  • *Job ability test
  • Written test: C, C++, JAVA, DB, computer in general
  • Practical test : C#, JAVA Script, ASP, NET

Screening method

  • 01 Submit documents

    Job application (field of application, expected salary, contact information, etc.)
    Self-introduction (in detail based on experience)

    Job application download
  • 02 Qualification

    Experience and new

  • 03 Place of work

    Daegu, Gyeonggi-do(Dongtan)

  • 04 Inquiry

    For any questions, please send the e-mail.

    Head of recruitment team, Kim Mi-yong
  • 05 Miscellaneous

    Please indicate the department
    you are applying for and desired salary
    in the upper right corner of your resume.

    Please note that documents
    you will not be returned.
    Download the application
    form and send the file to us.

Regular Recruitment Guideline

Please check the company's recruitment bulletin board or the human resource recruitment site (Saramin) for regular recruitment guidelines, such as job opening.

Occupation Recruitment Field Qualification Job Details Preferential Matters Remarks
S/W development C#
WEB developer
Those who are able to build C#, JAVA, .net-based web systems and information solutions WEB system development Information solution (MES) development Information business PM/PL experienced, person with experience in solution development
Sales SI Sales Those with entrepreneurial tendencies SI Sales, proposal sales Those experienced in SI/IT company sales
Sales support Those with basic IT-related knowledge, excellent document writing skills, and sales/marketing skills Proposal, business plan preparation, customer management, government-support project management Those experienced in public relation work, government support projects
Design UI/UX Design Those experienced in using design tools, UI/UX UI/UX design PPT design, web design (management) Those experienced in design (portfolio required)

Human Resources Support Project

  • 일학습병행제 신규 재직자 과정

    Work-learning dual system
    course for new employees

  • 일학습병행제 IPP 과정(재학생)

    Work-learning dual system
    IPP course (students)

  • 스타기업 100 히어로 양성사업

    Project to foster
    Star Company 100 Heroes

  • 맞춤형 취업 지원사업

    support projects

  • 혁신전문인력 채용 지원사업

    Innovative professional
    recruitment support projects

  • 청년 내일 채움 공제

    with Youth Naeil Chaum