Computer Mate

Real-time self-test monitoring and efficient management of data about initial materials, materials in process, and finished materials
글머리Product Overview
MATE-Initial/In-process/Final management system is a self-test management system which measures properties of initial materials, materials in process, and final materials in the major work processes after sampling, and review, verify, store, and analyze the test result data to ensure the reliability in data and maintain the quality control system based on defect analysis.
Initial/In-process/Final management is a part of the self-test which is intended for defining specific cycles (i.e. initial, in-process, final) in the manufacturing process so that workers can check the conditions of products in process by themselves. Self-test is a test carried out by the workers themselves on the products which result from manufacturing process, where the pre-defined properties of the products are tested in the specified time and by the specified test tools and the resulting measures are recorded.
글머리The Need for Initial/In-process/Final management
QMS 필요성 PC QMS 필요성 Mobile
글머리Plan for implementation
QMS 필요성
글머리Example of building MATE-Initial/In-process/Final materials management system
_On the MES adopted by S company
  • S사에 도입된  MES 초중종물 모니터링 화면 Screen for monitoring Initial/In-process/Final-stage products
  • 초/중/종물 항목별 검사및 DATA 입력 Item-by-item inspection on Initial/In-process/Final-stage products and data input
  • 초중종 검사장면 An inspection scene on Initial/In-process/Final-stage products
  • 검사값 단말기 입력 Input measures into terminals
  • 검사값 단말기 입력(화면확대) Input measures into terminals
    (zoomed in)
  • 관리자 검사값 단말기 조회 Inquiry on values measured by managers, on terminals
글머리Expected effects
  • 01

    Enhances basic quality management by improving the way of managing Initial/In-process/Final-stage products
  • 02

    Prevents mass outflow of defects by interlock (alarm/stop) in case that an inspection is omitted or there is an abnormal measure
  • 03

    Ensures the traceability of quality history using DB of the measured values
  • 04

    Prevents inspection omission and react to the process defects rapidly using real-time monitoring
  • 05

    Utilizes statistical process management (SPC) using DB
글머리MATE-Initial/In-process/Final-stage products management system Implementation Display
초중종물 측정값 조회화면 예시

Example of screen for the inquiry on measured values of Initial/In-process/Final-stage products

초중종물 측정값 입력(단말기 입력화면)

Input measured values of Initial/In-process/Final-stage products (screen for input on terminals)

초중종물 검사 미등록시 설비정지

Stop facility in case that inspection results on Initial/In-process/Final-stage products are not registered

시스템저장 | 초중종물 측정값 조회

Save system | View the measured values of Initial/In-process/Final-stage products

초중종물 실시여부 조회

View whether the inspection on Initial/In-process/Final-stage products are executed

초중종물 결과 SPC분석(MES)

SPC analysis (MES) on the inspection results on Initial/In-process/Final-stage products