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(Supply Chain Management)
Internet-based supply chain management system
글머리Product overview
MATE-SCM is a system that is designed for supporting the simplified and standardized ordering jobs to manage them accurately and in real time, and provides supports to respond to market's or customers' needs in an agile and timely manner, using the real-time sharing of information among companies within the network of business partnership including suppliers, vendors, and customers.
This is a system that supports the simplified and standardized ordering jobs, based on Internet to manage ordering / warehousing / payment in accurate and efficient ways. It supports for efficient production and delivery, by managing all the information such as arrivals/warehousing, non-payment/over-payment, ordering of materials and etc. in a DB.
글머리Product Features
  • 01

    Web-based system and security system Develops information system based on Internet, enabling it to process works in real time free from limitations on time and space and link with stringent security systems to protect works and information
  • 02

    Design for scalability Changes in business environments, progress of information technology, and accumulation of data volume, and etc
    A system suitable for the workflows so that users can access to and use it easily
  • 03

    Selection of verified products Selects and delivers only genuine software that is easily applicable to system development and maintenances
글머리Main Function
  • Basic information

    system management, common code management, user code management, user authorization management, account information management, standard information management, IP management, backup management, register/change/delete items

  • Production status

    view production status (linked with MRP)

  • Ordering

    register/change/delete orders, automated ordering, manual ordering, periodic ordering

  • Warehousing

    arrival checkup, change arrival volume, return checkup, reorder, view scheduled arrivals, view non-arrival history, view arrivals compared with orders

  • Billboard

    general billboard, security billboard, search/change/delete by conditions

  • Delivery plan

    print shipping order/delivery order, register delivery, change delivered volume

  • Delivery status

    manage warehousing versus ordering, view delivery status by period

  • Statistics

    manage/view/print by date/period/item

글머리Work Flow Chart
  • Order automatically, and then upload on the web so that suppliers can print the delivery order
  • Order numbers are printed automatically as barcodes concurrently with output procedure, so as to function as shipment orders
  • When materials or parts are warehoused, if you read barcodes on the warehousing order, you can process automatically which supplier they came from, and what kinds of them you received.
글머리System Flow Chart
시스템 흐름도
글머리Expected Effects
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