Computer Mate

.Net-based knowledge-integrating groupware
글머리Product overview
MATE-groupware builds up the knowledge-based system so that resources distributed within the company can be managed and shared efficiently, improving work efficiency of the company. MATE-groupware is a knowledge-integrated groupware solution based on .NET, that provides various systemized features to strengthen business decision-making and collaboration activities.
  • Basic features consist of electronic approval, e-mail, schedule management, task/resource management, and community management, and etc.
  • Customizing expansion area such as CRM, EIS, SCM, and RTE
  • Expanded products such as messengers, SMS, SFA, ERP API, PMS, KMS, and EDMS
제품 개요
글머리Product Features
  • 01

    Managers can grasp the overall task status easily

    Employees can share work situations and in-house resources to understand intellectual properties and other work status easily
  • 02

    Build DB that is standardized systemically

    More efficiently organize and manage the resources and knowledge within the company, such as project management, personnel cards, parts management, drawing management, and sales policy management
  • 03

    Swiftly process and deliver tasks

    Provide various features such as electronic approval system, messengers, SMS service, and etc. for easier and swifter decision making
  • 04

    Centralized job processing and increased efficiency

    Integrate various solutions and modules such as electronic approval & ERP (linked), payslips (linked), web camera (expanded), design PDM (expanded), SFA (expanded), CRM (expanded), KMS (expanded), EDMS (expanded)
  • 05

    Minimize constraints of time and space

    100% web-based so that tasks can be done on the Internet anywhere, and support mobile UIs such as smartphone, PDAs, and etc., minimizing constraints of time and space
  • 06

    Promote field activities and communication

    Efficiently share resources by area, and encourages building up of employee community using various media, enhancing team spirit among employees and promoting collaborations.
글머리Main Function
Electronic approval
  • Provide approval status in real time (G/W, messenger, SMS)
  • Generate approval formats suitable for the company anytime and easily, and provide various forms
  • Provide document distribution by individual and department function and receipt confirmation function for the distributed documents and specific persons
  • Provide various approval flows and related optional functions (general approval, reference, confirmation, sequential agreement, parallel agreement, receiving by teams and individuals)
  • Can link with in-house ERP and MES possible
Electronic mail
  • Various broadcasting function of the inside/outside mails (can be set up and sent by organization chart, individual group, address book)
  • Equipped with web editor, highly compatible with common document editors, able to prepare documents in various forms
  • Can define capacity limits by individual, send e-mails with the individual signature specified
  • Backup to and restoration from PC as EML files
  • Generate various mail boxes, classify and manage them, and classify mails automatically with receiving rules
  • Mail server can block mails and filter by conditions, can be loaded with Virus wall
Schedule management / Business report
  • Share the job schedule (setting to share schedules by individual/team/all employees)
  • Notify registered schedules using groupware and messenger
  • Various options like recurring schedules and locations can be specified
  • Register daily/weekly/monthly business report; Can be managed by an assigned staff in each team
Resource management / Knowledge management / Community
  • Regulation management: Management of documents such as company regulations, manuals, ISO regulations
  • Standard form: Classification of standard forms, Search by areas, Original management
  • Category management of registered resources, Detailed search function
  • Authorization of accessibility based on evaluation, sharing, and approval of resources
  • Provide individual/public webhard
  • Support webhard search function and image preview function
Link with ERP/MES
  • Real-time monitoring of production status
  • Provide various types of resources including tables, gauges, and charts
  • Support SSO (Single sign on) among ERP/MES/groupware
  • Approval request possible by auto-generating reporting resources in ERP/MES
메신저/모바일 지원
Support for messenger/mobile
  • Provide Web-based/PC-based/Mobile-based messenger
  • Provide an alarm function when an approval request or an email arrives
  • Send an alarm on pre-defined appointments in the schedule management
  • Provide SMS sending function
글머리Expected Effects
  • 01

    Fast decision-making, fast and accurate job sharing

  • 02

    Increases in job efficiency by reducing the job processing time and processing costs

  • 03

    Integration of information and collaboration inside/outside the company

  • 04

    Facilitates communication among employees using features such as e-mail, Schedule management, Organization management, and Billboards

  • 05

    Systemizes the job approval process using electronic approvals

  • 유통 및 도소매 Distribution and
  • 전기전자 Electric and
  • 화학 Chemical
  • 자동차부품제조 Automobile
  • 섬유/의류 Textile/
  • 철강/목재/제지 Steel/Lumber/
  • 일반업무보고제조업 Other manufacturing
    in general
글머리MATE-Groupware Implementation Display

Electronic approval




Schedule management


Business report







생산현황 모니터링

Monitoring production status

대시보드 형태의 경영정보

Business information in the form of dashboard

ERP/MES에서 그룹웨어 전자결재 상신

Request groupware electronic approval in ERP/MES

웹기반 메신저

Web-based messenger

메신저/모바일 지원

PC messenger / Mobile version