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SAP solution for middle-standing companies and SMEs
SAP Business One
글머리Product Overview
Efficient business operation, accomplishment of profitable growth
The SAP® Business One application provides a single cost-efficient method for managing the overall business, ranging from sales and customer relations to finances and operation. This solution is especially devised for SMEs to support them in efficiently controlling the process, making decisions based on timely information, and achieving profitable growth.
Use of cost-efficient applications devised for SMEs
Like decision-makers of many other SMEs, you may want to concentrate on the business growth, but in reality find yourself busy processing operation affairs pouring every day, frequent requests for information, and limitless competitive actions. Solving such problems is hard and time-consuming. When important information is dispersed in various systems and locations, the response time is delayed and the customer satisfaction can drop. If sales, accounting, and operation processes are individually managed without association between them, a bottleneck phenomenon will occur at last with lowered productivity. In addition, when you operate several systems, extra work, like copying data items, occurs, so it is more likely to have errors and delays. At the same time, there are more and more competitors and it is becoming harder and harder to discover and maintain customers.
Under such circumstances, in order to occupy a competitive advantage, you need to clearly identify the overall business, efficiently control processes, improve information access methods, and secure capabilities for making the best business decisions. For instance, if you can effectively track and access all customer-related information, you can provide each customer with special services in all aspects to meet their needs, thereby increasing their loyalty and drawing their repeated purchases. In addition, if you want to precisely monitor and control profits and expenses, you can optimize the flow of cash and liquid assets, thereby making your financial structures more robust and possessing flexibility to deal rapidly with business opportunities when they occur. The SAP® Business One application will support your company to clearly see, determine, and act successfully by narrowing the gap between your strategies and practices.
글머리Product Features
SAP Business One
SAP Business One, a comprehensive, integrated solution, includes all processes needed for operating the overall business. Unlike other solutions targeting a specific field, SAP Business One provides perfect business management functions ranging from finance and sales to customers, inventory, and operation. In addition, it is especially designed for SMEs and can be quickly installed (usual implementation period: around 2-8 weeks) and is simple to manage and use.
  • Efficient total business
    operation through a single system
    SAP Business One integrates all major business features, assisting all fields of sales, customers, purchase, inventory, operation, finance, and even human resources. In addition, it captures business information on a single system, so it can immediately access information on the whole organization and reduce cost and related errors, as well as overlapped data items. The workflow-based alerts of this solution performs an automatic response when an important business task is generated, so you can monitor and concentrate on processing the most important business affairs. Through this application, you can escape from routine work management and invest more of your time in creative tasks for your business to succeed.
  • Customer relations and
    loyalty improvement
    SAP Business One enables you to efficiently manage all fields by integrating other business functions, sales, customer services, and assistance in the whole enterprise. SAP Business One uses service current components and efficiently deal with customer service and support phone calls, also rapidly finding solution. Moreover, it can assess the progress through detailed service reports on the volume of phone calls, time required, and response time and take needed actions. SAP Business One also enables you to analyze your customers through data related to sales, operation, and finance, thereby allowing you to swiftly provide high-quality services.
  • Decision-making based
    on instant, perfect information
    This application captures important data related to sales, customers, operation, and finance in a single system, so you can immediately access and use the data you need. SAP Business One, which is perfectly integrated with the Crystal Reports® software, provides you with superb reporting and information access, for you to secure prominent insight into the business overall. In addition, it provides an interactive drilldown function and various presentation formats, so you can click on relevant data anytime, anywhere, and get the answer you want. Employees can more rapidly respond to customers’ requests, and managers can accurately identify the profits, cost, and cash flow to evaluate business performance and grope for ways to improve the current situations.
  • Customizable for
    changing needs
    SAP Business One can be quickly installed and configured, and you can change and customize the software to meet the changing demands as you business scale extends. For instance, by using the over 550 Add-on solutions built in SAP Business One by the software development kit (SDK) published and the software solution partner, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet a specific business and industrial challenge. Furthermore, unlike many other solutions for SMEs currently on the market, SAP Business One provides versions for 40 different countries on a single platform, so you can expand your business into the global community.
“SAP Business One enables you to achieve higher profitability by improving business operation efficiency more than 20%.”
Bill Boiler, Trade Union International Inc., warehouse manager
글머리Main features of SAP Business One
  • 01

    Accounting and finance

    General ledger and journalizing Basic cost accounting and project cost monitoring Budget management Banking affairs and processing of bank account notifications Processing payment and adjustment Financial statements and reporting Sales taxes and value-added taxes Supports multiple calls
  • 02

    Sales and customers

    Management of sales opportunities and pipelines Management of customer contact and activities Sales quotes and ordering Processing invoices and letters of credit Forecasting of sales and pipelines Service contract management Service call management points and tracking
  • 03

    Purchases and operation

    Purchase suggestion Purchasing order and delivery Product receipt and return Liabilities invoices and credit slips BOM (material specification) Production order Prediction and materials supply/demand plans
  • 04

    Inventory and distribution

    Manage and view items Warehousing products as inventory, release from inventory, and trades of inventory Inter-warehouse inventory movement Serial number management Inventory revaluation, Catalogs for customers and suppliers Price list and special prices Placement management Picking and packaging
  • 05

    Reporting and management

    Perfect integration with Crystal Reports® software “Drag & relate,” drilldown, search support, workflow-based alerts Employee directory and management, employee working time management Remote supporting platform Data migration workbench, data storage
    Data interface and user interface application program interface, user-defined field
글머리Single application loaded with multiple functions
The SAP Business One contains various functions in a single application.
회계 및 재무
Accounting and Finance
The SAP Business One helps manage the general ledger, daily logs, budget, liabilities, and receivables. It is able to perform all banking work including payment processing through checks, cash, credit cards, account transfer, and bills of exchange; to integrate multiple accounts; and to prepare even financial reports on profits and loss, cash flow, balance sheet, and receivable age charts. Moreover, when a relevant business event occurs, it can immediately update the account quarter.
영업 및 재무
Sales and customers
  • Preparing quotes, receiving orders and providing better customer services
  • Tracking all sales opportunities and activities from the first encounter with the customer until the trade is completed
  • Promoting a marketing campaign by using templates for transmitting a large quantity of e-mails
  • Providing support for customer services and service contracts and warranties
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook allows you to conveniently keep and manage contact information of the customers, thereby increasing operational efficiency while strengthening relations with the customers.
구매 및 운영
Purchases and operation
All SMEs need a systematic method for managing the purchase/procurement processes from preparing the purchase order to paying the price for suppliers. SAP Business One enables you to manage the overall OTP (order-to-payment) cycle including receipts, invoices, and returned products. In addition, you can establish materials supply/demand plans for production, manage the BOM (materials specifications), automatically fill the inventory, to analyze the performance of suppliers through integration with the Crystal Reports, and to properly adjust the purchase/procurement strategies accordingly.
재고 및 유통
Inventory and distribution
If you use SAP Business One, you can easily manage the inventory and operation overall including picking, packaging, delivery, and claims. You can use various methods such as standard cost price systems, movement average, and FIFO, evaluate inventory assets, monitor the inventory levels, and track the movement of articles of many warehouses in real time. In addition, you can update inventory in real time, check availability, manage prices and special prices, and automatically apply large order discount, cash discount, and special discount for transactions with suppliers and customers.
보고 및 관리
Reporting and management
SAP Business One provides strong tools with integrated analysis and reports and helps you access important, necessary business information. By using SAP Business One, which is perfectly integrated with the Crystal Reports, you can collect data from diverse sources, and prepare precise reports in a timely manner based on important enterprise data on finance, sales, customers, inventory, services, production, and operation. It is not only perfectly integrated with Microsoft Office products but also able to allow you to select the report format you want among various report formats and to control the access to displayed information on Crystal Reports, which focuses on the data security. On top of that, you can use the “Drag & Relate,” which is essential in SAP Business One, and interactive functions for drilling down the related data on different levels, thereby obtaining complete information immediately.
시스템 안정성과 성능
System Stability and Performance
The SAP provides SAP Business One with a remote support platform, so you can more easily maintain and manage the software system and prevent potential problems which can affect business activities in advance. Through this remote support platform, an automated monitoring tool, the SAP support service team can collect information on the system status of customers and inspect the system for the known problems on support, thereby identifying the system bottleneck phenomenon. This tool transmits the status e-mails and automatic fix on a regular basis, thereby preventing troubles and reducing the time required for the IT assistance. Moreover, various other services are provided, including automatic database backup, prior upgrade assessment, inventory assets inspection, and system installation status inspection.