Computer Mate

Customer Support System

For immediate assistance, please register any changes, modifications, additional development,
and various inquiries of the solution in the customer support system.

To access to the customer support system, please visit our main page or go to

  • 고객지원 Step 01

    Customer support

    Customer registration – admin login – Add internal ID (up to 3 units)
  • 로그인 Step 02


  • 고객지원 요청 Step 03

    Customer support request

    Team leader (Computer Mate) SMS automatic notification
  • 담당팀장 → 개발자 지정 Step 04

    Team leader → Assign a developer

    Developer (Computer Mate) SMS automatic notification
  • 개발자 유지보수 접수 Step 05

    Developer maintenance receipt

    Notify the receipt to the customer
  • 개발 진행 및 결과 등록 Step 06

    Register development progress and results

    Notify the completion to the customer
  • 추가요청 Step 07

    Additional request

    Notify developer (Computer Mate) additional information
  • 추가 개발 Step 08

    Additional development

    Developer (Computer Mate) SMS automatic notification
  • 거래처 최종 평가 Step 09

    Final evaluation of customer

    Customer satisfaction registration,
    Requirement registration