Computer Mate

(Enterprise Resource Planning)
Easy, convenient, and user-focused integrated information system
글머리Product overview
MATE-ERP is an ERP solution for companies that are planning to adopt an integrated information system. Loaded with ERP experiences and building know-hows of Computermate Inc., this solution is specialized for the situations and characteristics of domestic companies, standardized, and converted into a single package so that the adopters can establish advanced business models fast and flexibly.
MATE-ERP is an enterprise ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) solution specialized with the advanced technology of Computermate Inc.. This integrated information system helps with fast and transparent task processing by the integrated management of every task across the company and recognizing the management conditions and sharing them in real time.
글머리Product Features
  • 01

    Conducts all of job processes including accounting, HR, purchases, sales, materials, quality controls across the organization
  • 02

    Integrates the advantages of ERP such as management integration, modularization, and reliability and the legacy benefits including convenience and easy maintenances
  • 03

    Provides easy accessibility of the web, convenient user interfaces, as well as user convenience of the C/S system in one solution
  • 04

    Supports additional integrated management, linked with the existing systems, groupware, and etc., dependent on digitization environment of the company building it
  • 05

    Prioritizes requirements of the domestic companies, considering the overlapping of job processing procedures and the deficiency in manpower resources
글머리Main function
  • Purchased

    Improve the accuracy of inventory using I/O management of the company and contractors, and implement the process to prevent shortage and excess of the inventory based on matching the real inventory with that kept in the program using daily and monthly data processing

  • Production

    Establish the optimized production plan linked with sales, production, and purchases; Ensure the consistency using systematic management of production results

  • Sales

    Improve the accuracy of inventory using I/O management of the in-house and in-delivery stocks; Implement daily and monthly closing process by processing the daily and monthly inspection data

  • Quality

    Implement the function of managing process inspection linked with production and cost process

  • Financial

    Remove the overlapping works and ensure data reliability based on the integration of logistics information and accounting information

  • Cost

    Provide accurate costs by product, by applying standard rates to the labor expenses and other expenses, and distributing the indirect costs rationally

  • Human resource

    Support systematic and efficient management of the HR information, swift and accurate calculation of salaries, electronic reports (year-end tax adjustment, income taxes, and etc.)

글머리Work Flow Chart
글머리Workflow chart
  • ERP 로고


    An ERP package that puts priority on the proactive consideration of the requirements based on building experience, implementation of key functions into which field experiences are reflected vividly, user convenience, and minimization of input works.
  • ERP Web 로고

    MATE-ERP Web

    ERP solution optimized to the HTML5-based web environment
    Improved system accessibility and user convenience
    System that enables all kinds of tasks to be processed on the web
    Excellent processing speed which surpasses C/S
  • ERP Mobile 로고

    MATE-ERP Mobile

    Mobile operation environment of MATE-ERP, the Sencha-based mobile app platform
글머리Expected Effects
  • 01

    Improve job efficiency and connectivity

    Enhance efficiency of unit tasks Improve data connectivity between tasks
  • 02

    Basis for integration of information system

    Basis for in-house information portals Encourage innate communication
  • 03

    Enhance business information and sharing of them

    Build basis for future web services for customers Provide systematic business information for timely decision making
  • 유통 및 도소매 Distribution and
    wholesale & retail
  • 전기전자 Electric and
  • 화학 Chemical
  • 자동차부품제조 Automobile
  • 섬유/의류 Textiles /
  • 철강/목재/제지 Steel / Lumber /
  • 일반업무보고제조업 Other general
글머리MATE-ERP Implementation Display

Human resource management


Accounting managementSlip registration


Register received orders


Manage systemManage system


Manage inventoryView inventory


Register sent orders


Manage logisticsManage delivery


BIResults analysis(Optional)