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3D monitoring
글머리Product overview
The 3D monitoring solution is an intelligent physical system software which is able to recognize the current situation and to control it into the optimal status through technological development for monitoring real-time information of manufacturing process on a 3D level.
글머리Product Features
Existing monitoring solutions
  • Grid-type data which reduces the readability
  • Hard to identify overall status of all processes
  • When changing the positions of facilities, the developer needs to change the 2D layout in person.
기존 모니터링
3D monitoring solutions
  • Configuration of 3D factory similar to the actual sites
  • Easy to recognize the actual components of factory
  • Easy to identify the overall status thanks to real-time data
  • When changing the positions of facilities, the user can change the layout.
  • 실제 공장
  • 3D 공장
글머리System Configuration
시스템 흐름도
글머리Expected Effects
  • 가시성

    Increased visibility of
    components in factory through
    3D-modeled monitoring

  • 상호작용성

    Mutual operability through real-time
    status information of facilities

    (rapid identification of overall status of factory)
  • 고신뢰성

    When a defect or disorder of
    devices occurs, a quick response is
    possible leading to high reliability

  • 유용성

    Extension and
    usefulness of changes
    in process layout

글머리3D monitoring Implementation Display
Process monitoring
  • 공정 모니터링
    • A function to monitor the process status occurring in the production sites in real time through UI and 3D
    • Inventory information status
    • Environment information status (IoT data)
  • 공정 모니터링
    • Facility status information (PLC data)
    • Inventory information status (warehousing, outgoing data)
    • Production information status (Actual results, defects, not-operating data)
    • Environment information status (OpenAPI data)
Flexible Layout
  • Flexible Layout
    • Customizing UI and 3D facilities for improving user convenience
    • Customizing UI and 3D facilities
  • Flexible Layout